Our products are used in different markets and fields of application including Fabric Softeners, PVC, Pharma tablets, Cements & Asphalts,  Skin Care, Hair Care and Colour Cosmetics.

Our Business Unit manufactures daily a vast range of chemical additives for everyday life products; always focusing on the key pillars which found our Company: sustainability, innovation and forward-looking vision.

Our Markets

  • Construction


    Metallic soaps are some of our main products, which are commonly used as additives in the treatment of surfaces in the form of water repellents. They are also fundamental in ...
  • Household


    Helping end-users with our solutions and optimising the effectiveness of our customers’ products. Our commitment to the Laundry market translates into the production by our experts of additives derived from ...
  • Lubricants


    Our division is also a leading provider of high-end additives for special lubricant applications. We are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of brands and products to ensure we can ...
  • Paper


    The Business Unit sells additives for the treatment of paper pulp to improve the process (antifoam) and the final aesthetics (gloss).
  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    Our Business Unit mainly focuses on an interesting range of raw materials, which covers all Personal Care applications with constant attention to health, sustainability and effectiveness. Face, Body and Sun ...
  • Pharmaceuticals


    We offer specialty chemicals to produce additives for highly reliable pharmaceutical products. Our solution for this particular market ranges from metallic stearates and esters to fatty acids, which are mainly ...
  • Plastics & Rubber

    Plastics & Rubber

    We boast years of experience in the Plastics & Rubber markets and our goal is to provide the best solutions for applications such as PVC, Tyres, SEBS, SBR and more. Our ...
  • Wood


    Our solutions for paints and lacquers can be used as hydrophobic agents, rheology modifiers, dispersing agents and sealers.

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