Product Technologies

Italmatch Chemicals’ Personal Care, Fabric Softeners and Plastic Additives Business Unit is designed to meet a range of different needs and to produce a wide range of chemical solutions, including fatty acids, esterquats, esters, polymers, metallic soaps, PVC “One Pack” stabilizers, glycerine and wax amides.

Our vast Portfolio of Product Technologies allows us to provide many outputs for a wide area of applications and markets, with a safe, environmentally-friendly and innovative approach during the entire process.

Wax Amide

Wax amides are organic compounds derived from acids or amines. They are versatile products that can be used in various industrial applications, such as Construction, Plastics & Rubber and Personal Care.

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This family of products is produced from an esterification reaction between a natural fatty acid of animal or vegetal origin, with other different compounds such as glycerine and alcohols. Our esters are widely used in the following markets: Plastics & Rubbers, Lubricants, Personal Care, Food Pharmaceuticals and Paper.

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These highly biodegradable compounds are natural fatty acids functionalised with a quaternary ammonium cationic head. This special configuration gives a sensation of softness on the surfaces where it is applied. The main applications of esterquats are: base product for the manufacture of fabric softeners in the detergent industry. We can develop also specials grades upon request.

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Fatty Acids

Derived from the Triglycerides found both in vegetal and animal fats, Fatty Acids boast a wide range of applications in numerous markets, such as Lubricants, Household and Biofuels.

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Glycerine is a natural product derived from the triglycerides present in vegetal and animal fats. These products are used in different applications, the most important of which are:

  • detergents
  • additives for anti-freeze applications
  • industrial oils

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Metallic Soaps

Metallic Soaps are salts derived from fatty acids and available in different types and physical forms. They are used in many markets such as Plastics & Rubbers, Construction, Paper, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care. The various fields of application include:

  • PVC and other plastics
  • Tires
  • Cements & Asphalt
  • Pharma Tablets
  • Colour Cosmetics

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We manufacture polyquaterniums primarily used as conditioning agents in Personal Care and in some fabric care applications.

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PVC "One-Pack"

Our “One-Pack” heat stabilizers consist of the optimal combination of the necessary additives for the transformation of PVC; ensuring the balanced composition, for each application and piece of machinery used, for optimized  stabilisation and lubrication resulting in the best features with the least consumption. Stabilisers are essential in the extrusion and injection of PVC as they avoid degradation of the polymer during the process of extrusion and also enhance the mechanical properties of the finished product. Italmatch Chemicals has a wide range of heat stabilisers, Ca/Zn “One Pack” (products named SCZ), Organic “One Pack” (products named SCO) and also a “One Pack” booster, suitable for different applications such as pipes, cables, etc.

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