Dapracare® PEDS and PETS: new viscosity and stability enhancers

September 6, 2021
Dapracare® PEDS and PETS

In this HD age, the beauty care strategy requires advanced solutions, using also apps, tutorial, etc. In this landscape the development of new and efficient make-up products is a fast-growing trend.

The extreme consumers’ expectations and the complexity of make-up formulations lead to continuous needs for developing new innovative recipes. Italmatch developed two new special waxes, one with the structure of a di-ester and the other a tetra-ester between stearic acid and penta-erythritol.

Their performances in improving some key characteristics of make-up products show a dramatic influence on the main functionalities. Dapracare® PEDS and Dapracare® PETS are used in skin care and colour cosmetics to enhance the textures of formulations, improve suspension of pigments and lakes and stabilize emulsions. In combination with some oils can deliver silky silicon like residue.